London Adventures Part 1!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hello lovelies!

It has been a long time since we last met and I think you're well over due for a London travels blog. I spent four weeks in the lovely London the first two were spent working in buying at the head office of M&S which was amazing (more on that soon) and the other two weeks were spent with my friend Niamh poking about London central and having a ball at my aunt and uncles' lake house. Yes I said it, lake house!

The day after Niamh graced us with her presence we were off into London to do all the touristy type things. As we came out of Waterloo station we headed straight over to the London Eye and gave Big Ben a visit.

It was Westminster Abbey next where I also had the pleasure of meeting Winston Churchill.

In the spirit of being true Londoners we decided to hop on a few Boris Bikes and cycle our way up to Buckingham Palace. The bikes were great fun but one thing I would recommend when cycling them is knowing where all the drop off points are and literally racing from one to another to find a free portal. Niamh and I checked about five drop off points before having to cycle back out towards Waterloo to get rid of them. 


Unfortunately we weren't there when the royal baby was born because that would have been fun but a visit to Cinnabon to taste my first ever cinnamon roll quickly soothed my disappointment. I tell you if there is one thing you do whilst in London it's going to this tiny store and ordering yourself a wonderful, gooey, cinnamony, sweet ball of deliciousness that is otherwise known as a cinnabon.

Warning, the classic ones are so so  much better than the chocolate ones!

A picture of happiness and fulfillment.

The last thing we did on our first day in central London was go to the National Gallery which is utterly amazing and totally free as well! I'm not usually a gallery type person but the National Gallery has lots of famous paintings in their collection by Van Gogh, Monet, Manet, and pretty much everyone else. I would really recommend a walk about the gallery because it's like no other.

And here is Nelson on his column. 

That's about it for my first day in London it really is such an amazing city and there is so much to do you could spend weeks there. Hope you enjoyed and there is lots lots more to come so stay tuned!

Thanks for dropping by,
Ciara. xx