Perfect Chia Porridge

Monday, 8 February 2016

Hello everyone,

I'm back today with a quick post about the breakfast I have been obsessed with for the past few weeks.

Porridge! It's warm, filling and packed with energy to set you up for the day. A perfect low sugar, low fat alternative to cereal or deceivingly sugary granola.

All you need for this porridge bowl is:

40g (half a cup) of oats, I use Flahavan's Organic Porridge Oats
1 and a quarter cup of almond milk or your preferred dairy alternative milk
2 teaspoons of chia seeds

1 teaspoon of cinnamon (I love my cinnamon so I lash it on)
Half a teaspoon of raw cacao powder

Go Wild and Garnish:
Any berries of your choice
A drizzle of soya cream
Coconut flakes
Sunflower seeds

I usually pop all the ingredients in my handy rice maker and time it so that my porridge is ready when I wake up in the morning but you can also microwave for 1 minute at a time, stirring in-between or you can use the hob by bringing your mixture to the boil then simmering and stirring until the oats have reached your desired consistency.

Tip: for extra 'creaminess' you can leave you oats, milk and chia seeds over night which is why I love my rice maker. Just remember to add in about a half a cup of water so that the oats and chia seeds don't soak up all the liquid over night. You can also add a little bit of coconut milk which makes them even more deliciously creamy!