Vision Board | May

Friday, 29 April 2016

Vision board. Inspirational and motivational

Hey everyone,

It's about time I think I updated my vision board right? Yes I may have missed out on the whole of April but here I am making up for it with a fresh new May board to inject some motivation and inspiration into my life.

I haven't had much time recently what with finishing up college assignments and prepping for exams but throughout the month I've been collecting images from the interwebs and yesterday I decided to take the day off studying to set aside a little bit of time to put together my new vision board.

Some of you may remember my previous March vision board and how I used each section to represent a focus or aim I wanted to remind myself of everyday when I woke up. This month some of my goals have changed and I'll take you through a few of them.

Study Study Study

Yes unfortunately exams are visible in the near horizon (just over 1 week away!) and it's high time I get down to properly studying and combat my expert procrastination skills. These next few weeks will be filled with coffee, tea, snacks and notes.

Summer Plans....

To me a summer with nothing to do seems like a massive waste of free time which is why I'm currently on the look out for internships and making plans to use my time productively. Whether that's planning posts and going to cool workshops and classes or visiting friends and creating new experiences. I'm actually keeping my fingers crossed for a certain really really exciting social media marketing internship...

The Self-confidence Mission 

If you haven't read my post on building self-confidence by feeling good in your own skin I wrote about how I'm wandering into the realm of beauty and fashion to boost my self-confidence levels. My vision board will remind me everyday to embrace my personal style and be proud of my appearance.

Of course all of this beauty-ing and fashion-ing is just a support mechanism to help me on my road to self-acceptance, self-love and body positivity. These are the only tools in life you really need to feel sassy as hell!

Of Course Some Blog Inspo

It's super helpful and motivational to expose yourself to experts which is why I'm always looking out for great blogs and social media influencers.

Right now I think Tara of is just killing it in terms of aesthetics, photography and fashion editorials. She has recently moved to New York and since then I think she has stepped it up in all of her platforms be it her blog, YouTube or Instagram. Seriously her look books are on point!

I'm so into Lenny Letter and love the content they are churning out on the daily. Their interviews and guest writers cover hardcore issues concerning feminism, health, politics and style in an entertaining and engaging way. 

Niomi Smart as I'm sure many will know is a health, fitness and lifestyle Youtuber and blogger who I really like. She approaches health and lifestyle from a whole foods and natural perspective and her videos are super sweet and classy. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I'm trying to achieve and focus on this month. As I've said before putting together your own vision board is so much fun and can help you inject some positive intentions into your everyday life. Why not have a go and try it out?


  1. Love this!

    1. Yay thank you! I think it turned out well :)

  2. Pretty good post.I love the idea of a Vision Board .Really useful information.