London Fashion Week Part Uno!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hello lovelies,

Here we are once again about to delve into the wondrous world of London Fashion Week and I have no doubt we'll enjoy it.

I've said it before and I'll say it again I really love LFW because creativity and experimentation are typical aspects of the collections shown. Although I do strongly feel that fashion should be wearable for the everyday woman I also think 'thinking out of the box' is necessary for our culture's development in fashion.

We all remember the flares and peace signs of the 70s, the leggings, leg warmers and scrunchies of the 80s, but what will this decade be remembered for? Will it be the expertise of Katrantzou's techno printing or the craziness of Holland and  Meadham Kirchhoff?

But anyways that's my rant over and now it's time to get to LFW day 1.

From Zoë Jordan we got a youthful sense of minimalism with lots of play on cuts and colours. I was also quite attracted to the use of metallics and skins to add another dimension to the collection.

Bora Aksu brought us features of history with flapper girl head pieces, pinched in waists but history stopped at the puffed sleeves. Exaggerated shoulder lines and playing on hanging the material about the body whether it be a loose skirt or a-line shift dress brought a strong impact from this collection. 

 sass & bide were modern with sleek lines and racing stripes but also had an elegant and chic touch to the looks. A nice clean and interesting collection.

It was all energy over at Jena.Theo with graffiti styled graphic prints ad bold colours of fuchsia and yellow gold.

Fyodor Golan evoked supreme elegance and refined drama with rich detailing and bold but pure cuts.

There you have it, my favourites from day 1 of LFW and I'm very impressed by the hints of modern and 'new aesthetic' applied to simple and delicate shapes so as to appeal to a less adventurous woman who perhaps doesn't want to go to an event looking like some extraterrestrial vision.

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