A Ball of of a Time at the Debs

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Hello lovelies.

So on Tuesday the 3rd of September I finally got my chance to dress up all fancy in a long dress and spend the night with my friends at the debs. 

After all the time I spent getting ready, getting my make up and hair done I can safely say that guys have it much easier. I'd like to see a guy get an eye liner pencil stabbed in to his eye while his waterline was being tended to! But hopefully all that time was enough to make me look acceptable and suitably 'debsy'.

Here are just a few photos I took on the day.

 Since I am practically useless at all things make up I decided to go make use of the girls at Estée Lauder.

Can you see the sun burning holes through my eyes? Yes, it was that sunny.

I have to say the night was an absolute success. Not only did I get to see everyone from my old year before we all part ways at university but I got to do it whilst simultaneously dancing my feet to bits to perhaps the greatest playlist I've experienced! Definitely a night to remember.  

To anyone who's just had or is about to go to the prom or debs you'll have the best time once you bring a nice sturdy pair of flats ;)

Hopefully the second time will be the charm on Saturday too!

Thanks for reading,
Ciara xx