A Weekend of Food & Fun in Cork

Monday, 11 July 2016

So late weekend my boyfriend and I decided to head off to Cork for the weekend to give ourselves a mini getaway. I recently got my driving licence (yay) so we took advantage of the family car to do the 3 hour drive in style. 

As it turns out it's very hard to do any exploring when it's wet and windy so to be honest we spent the weekend going from one eatery to another....

On our last night we decided to visit Scoozi, an Italian that showed with with great reviews on TripAdvisor. Inside, your surrounded with a cosy, warm atmosphere and decor consisting of old china plates hung on the wall, cottage floral wallpaper and regal chandeliers. 

I went for an easy vegan no cheese pizza with a delicious crispy base and spicy sauce and the boyfriend went for an interesting hazelnut and pesto burger.

For dessert I opted for some vegan chocolate buttons I had in my bag but the boy went all out on some Mars Bar cheesecake. 

I have to admit I may have tasted a bit and it was really delicious. I'm usually not a big fan of cheesecake but this one had a fluffy, light textured filling as opposed to the traditional, more solid filling. A solid 5/5!

We decided to finish the night off with a walk up the hill in the rainy mist to get a bird's eye view of the city.

(make it quick before you get run over!)

I think this weekend was really needed by both of us and I can't wait for our trip to London in a few weeks time!

Thanks for stopping by.
Ciara xx