France, MAMAC modern art.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Bonjour mes petits chats!
So in the second week of France we went to this modern art museum called the MAMAC which stands for something about modern art I can't remember in french. We spent quite some time walking around the three floors and I gotta say I'm not a big art fan but it was interesting. I had no idea what all the stuff was supposed to represent but you know someone's gotta make art and why not create something that looks weird and has no obvious meaning while you're at it? Anyway enough from me and my uneducated thoughts here are some of the many photos I took.

 This is not at all morbid looking.

 You'd hardly notice the mirror would you?

 'There is not a solution because there is not a problem.'

So if you haven't noticed this is a short enough blog because I thought all that deep arty meaningful stuff migt have been a bit heavy going for some of you. But tomorrow I'm talking about Moncao and it's my last blog about France so new types of blog posts are coming after that.
Thanks for reading,