Welcoming Home A Hero.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Hello sunshines!
So as you  know the Olympics finished up in London a few weeks ago and they were a great success all round. I was actually in London during the Olympics attending a course in the London College Of Fashion but unfortunately because I'm so unlucky I never made it into the Olympic Park. But even being in London itself during those few days was amazing because everyone was on such a high. Of course I was sickened by the amount of medals Team GB took away from the games but they did compete with over 600 athletes so that's to be expected. Ireland on the other hand..... Well we had 65 athletes and won 5 medals in total. Not bad if I do say so myself. Of the 5 medals we won there was one gold achieved by the amazing female boxer Katie Taylor, Ireland's pride and glory, our Golden Girl quite literally. So the Monday after the closing ceremony there was a massive welcoming home gathering thrown for Katie in her home town of Bray and of course I went along to show my support.

 We Irish go all out for our celebrities. Blimps and all!
 Bray is actually one of the more beautiful towns in Ireland. I would fully recommend a trip out to the beach in nice weather.

 This is my friend with her 'cold pop' inspired by Ms.Sweet Brown.
 I chose a healthy and yummy smoothie for myself, little did I know it would co-ordinate with my nails.
This band is called Genuine Draft and played really awesome covers of U2, Coldpaly, Mumford and Sons, The Kings Of Leon and much more.

This guy's Adam Nolan who is also a boxer for Ireland but sadly didn't take home any medals. But well done to him for getting so far!

 I can't remember these two's names but they will be competing in the Special Olympics for Ireland and I wish them the best of luck!

 Katie Taylor in all her glory.

So yeah that's all the photos I have for you, that is if you want some more very badly framed shots of Katie and the team featuring a few fingers or bald heads around the edges of the frame. But it was a beautiful day for the event and I'm so glad I got a chance to go and experience a piece of Irish boxing history. More from me soon and thanks for reading.