Take me to the Prom?

Monday, 27 August 2012

What's up doc?
Do you remember my genius brother I talked about in my last blog? The one who got nearly full marks in his exams? Yeah that one. Well he went to his Debs last week which is like the Prom in America. Everyone goes to the Debs after they finish up with secondary school or high school and it's a very big occasion. All the girls buy expensive dresses and get their hair and make-up done for the day and of course the boys have it much easier because they just have to buy a suit and well, turn up for the day with a corsage. These are some of the pictures taken on the day, not expertly taken by me of course because I wasn't there but my dad stepped in for me.

My favourite dress is definitely the dusty blue waterfall number. Wonder if I can borrow it....

Hope you enjoyed that glimpse into the Irish Debs affair I'll be going next year and hopefully I get a gorgeous dress too.