Satisfy your Cravings with 'graze'

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Hello lovelies,

So if you're like me and seems to be constantly hungry no matter what time of the day or suffer from eleven-sies nibbles you'll like what have in store for you today.

I found a voucher for a free 'graze goody box' in my monthly magazine and decided to give it a try. Whenever I get a bit peckish or hungry midmorning or in the evenings I try to snack on healthy foods, a handful of almonds/walnuts or apple pieces with some peanut butter (sometimes followed by another cheeky spoonful of peanut goodness..). However it's good to switch it up every now and again to get some variety into the diet, that's why I was seriously excited to get my graze box in the post.

Made from healthy, nutritious ingredients and none of those nasty additives, you can choose from 100s of snacks, they even send you a leaflet with the nutritional info of each snack you choose. Luckily for me they even have a breakfast box option!

Delicious banana dippers with toffee sauce.....

Dried fruit and chocolate chips!

I haven't tried the rest of my snacks yet but those flapjacks are calling to me...

Thanks for reading,
Ciara xxx