Catching Up and Halloween Fun

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hello lovelies!

Well.....Long time no see.....Yes this is a little embarrassing indeed... So I'm going to get the ball rolling by saying I'm so sorry for the serious lack of posts going up on here over the last month or so I've been so busy with college work and commuting that it seems every time I have a spare moment I end up asleep or find myself staring off into nothingness whilst my brain takes a rest from everything!

But I'm back now and I shall never leave you like that again without so much as a word.

I thought I'd give you a little update on how things are going at the moment as I'm now almost 2 months into my time at Trinity College in Dublin and I'm loving it! I have to admit I didn't expect there to be so much work so early on in the course (I'm doing Business and French if you were wondering) but I get through it and now I'm in the middle of a mid-term so I'm catching up and also attempting to get a head start on future assignments. 

There's a general consensus with some people in Ireland that people who go to Trinity are so 'lah di dah' and snooty but I can honestly say I haven't met a single person like that so far and luckily everyone who is on my course is really lovely and we have great craic with each other.

But enough about that I don't want to bore you with an overload of details, I thought I'd take the chance to show you my Halloween costume I wore last Thursday. I must warn you I am not the most Halloweeny of people so the idea of dressing up hadn't even crossed my mind until the day I was supposed to be going out! So in a mad rush I dashed to Penny's (that's Primark for any non-Irish) and rustled up a look that somewhat resembled a costume, I do apologise if you think this is the world's dodgiest attempt but I did try!

Behold Superwoman! 
Cuffs & Belt- Penny's (Primark)
Red Skirt- Penny's (Primark)
Blue Leotard- A ballet leotard from years ago.
Homemade Superwoman sign 

 The night ended up being great fun and it turned out to be the first Halloween I actually enjoyed! I hope all of your October the 31st's went just a well, why not tell me what you dressed up as? (perhaps I may steal a few ideas for next year and be better prepared..)

Again I'm sorry for abandoning you for such a stretch of time, it shan't happen again :)

Thanks for reading,
Ciara xx