London Adventures Part 2!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Hello again lovelies!

As I continue on with my account of my randomings in London I am brought to the day we started out at Le Cordon Bleu. Le Cordon Bleu is a fabulous cookery school that my friend Niamh is dying to go to to study baking and pastry arts and I can totally understand her. Situated in Bloomsbury Square the culinary school has a cute little cafe that opens on to a lovely quiet square and is a perfect picture of peace.

I don't even want to be a baker but I would make the trip to this cafe just to taste everyone of these hand made treats!

Next it was over to Portobello to check out the markets. I have to say Portobello and Notting Hill were my favourite places in London because of the relaxed and cute vintage atmosphere. I could spend hours walking about the pretty pastel houses and imagining what a splendid life I'd have if I too had my own dusty blue townhouse.

Apart from spotting the brilliant Jack Whitehall (he really is very tall in real life) we also came across the book shop where 'Notting Hill', one of my favourite feel good movies was shot.

That day was a very busy day indeed as after Portobello we walked all the way through Kensington Gardens and up to Hyde Park to go row boating.

Before we reached Hyde Park we took a gander at the Italian Gardens which were stunningly beautiful filled with colour and fountains. 

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Checking out the birds.

Now I must admit Niamh and I weren't the best rowers on the lake but we did our best to avoid capsizing or getting hit by other boats.

Gorgeous photo snapped up by Niamh while I was doing the hard work rowing us about. 

I've always wanted to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum because I've heard its exhibits are brilliant. We were lucky enough to visit the Club to Catwalk exhibit which was all about fashion in the 80s in London. We weren't allowed to take photos or videos but let me tell you it was so interesting. Very punk grunge, leather, studs and lots of mannequins dressed in famous iconic outfits, a definite must see if its still on show.

Now at this point in the day we had truly walked our feet to the bones so we decided to treat ourselves to something sweet and what better to treat yourself to than a Humming Bird red velvet!

However this is where it gets interesting. I'd say it was about 7:30ish around this point and we wanted to find a park to eat our well deserved cupcakes in. However there were no parks nearby and we made it all the way through Chelsea without finding a public garden. Instead of parking our bums on a curb or even eating our cupcakes on the way home we trudged on over the bridge and into Battersea park where we collapsed on the first bench we could find.

Poor tired out Niamh!

After devouring our red velvets we decided 9 o'clock was a good time to head home at so we set off in search of a tube station. But to our demise there were no stations on that side of the bridge and we were forced to walk for about an hour to the nearest tube. By this time it was after 10 and Niamh's feet were blistered to high heaven. Luckily I spotted a bus to Waterloo station which we were only to glad to hop on and rest our sorry feet. We didn't arrive home, battered and worn, until 11:30 but it was an interesting adventure no less.

Thanks for reading,
Ciara xxx