Read With Me

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Hello lovelies!

When I was younger I was a serious book worm, I'd read through a book in a day and excitedly start onto another. I remember getting 14 books for Christmas one year! However in the past couple of years I find I just haven't been reading as much, either I'm too tired, busy with work or would rather relax and watch a movie. But that stops here. A late New Years resolution to read more.

My aim is to get through one book a month which I think is pretty achievable especially since I have my Kindle so I can pretty much read on the go without having to trek a book around with me. 

To start myself off I thought I'd get myself back into in books by looking through some of my favourite books and a few interesting 'fashiony' ones I love to flick through with lots of photographs.

Jane Austen's Persuasion is one of my all time favourite Austen books. It's about a woman named Anne Elliot who was once persuaded not to marry the love of her life Captain Wentworth. Her love for him is again rekindled when she meets him again through his sister and there are loads of events that happen through out the book that make you want to root for team Elliot-Wentworth. If you love this book then try out Emma

I'm currently reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson and am so engrossed by it. I started it on my journey back home to Ireland from uni and the way the story line is mysteriously unfolding makes me so curious I can't stop reading.

If you want a heavy duty highly detailed account of fashion's life cycle Fashion since 1900 by Valerie Mendes is the one for you. I must admit it did take me a while to get through it but I found it highly interesting and if you really want to get into the knitty gritty of things give it a try.

Vogue: The Covers is a collection of all the beautiful magazine covers over 120 years and a great coffee table book to flick through.

If you want an easy read Alexa Ching's IT is short but a tells some funny/awkward story's of the 'it; girl's growing up. 

Another light but interesting read is Fashion That Changed The World by Jennifer Croll and gives a general overview of the evolution of the world of fashion through the ages accompanied by some great photos.

My 'to read' list if forever growing but I'm so excited to get my brain working again and embrace my inner book worm :) If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for reading,
Ciara xx