A Poem For the Forest

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Hello everyone,

Exams are finally finished so no more stressful nights and studying boredom. However all the built up exhaustion and tiredness did hit me over the weekend so a good rest was much needed.

A few of my friends and I decided to go on a nice relaxing stroll through a nearby forest to catch up on everything we've missed during the exam period. Walks are always such a great way to destress and get the body moving without tiring you out too much. A casual stroll was just what my body needed.

Considering it had rained all through the day before we were actually quite lucky and didn't get a single drop of rain while we walked. It was quite eery and quiet as we walked through the trees with no one around through the damp, still air. But nevertheless it was great to have the place practically to ourselves for a little while.

I snapped a photo on my phone a decided I'd try write a little poem about it. Emphasis on the word 'try', I'm by no means a writer or a poet but I was in the mood to do something new.

I took a walk in time 
To clear my mind
Leaves, branches, trees thick with moss and ivy laden trunks
Winding paths through green archways pierced by sunlight 
Water and life released 
       a clarity, serenity and presence 
From their roots
Nutrients, ancient wisdom, strength and balance
Food from the base of Earth
Feed it to your soul
Watch it grow

So yeah there's my little poem about our walk in the forest as you can see its no Plath or Yeats but it was fun to think up. Maybe I'll try jot a few more down as they come to me and see how much improvement I can make with some practice...

Thanks for stopping by,
Ciara xx