Autumn Wishes

Friday, 26 October 2012

Hello lovelies!

Hope you've been enjoying your Friday as much as I have because not only does it mean the weekend for me, but the start of a week off of school, celebrations and travel.

Since we have officially moved into Autumn and all the shops have began introducing their Fall/Winter lines I thought I'd do a quick post on some of my favourites for this season, starting with collar clips. Recently I have began an obsession with these pretty specimens of class. They're perfect for dressing up a shirt or blouse for any occasion.


Now I'm not usually a watch person seeing as my phone can do all the time keeping for me, but I've grown a special attraction to this pretty rose gold beaut from  Michael Kors. Come to think of it I'm loving anything rose gold this season.


I'll also be stocking up on some great big jumpers to keep my warm in the freezing Irish weather this year. My plan is just to buy jumpers galore and pair them with dark jeans or black thick leggings and boots.
 Image 1 of Vero Moda Salt & Pepper Chunky Textured Knit Jumper

Image 1 of Selected Besta Knitted Jumper With Sequin Detail

I've noticed this season high heels are fading out slowly and the return of the flat soled slipper, bootie and pump has come about; bringing joy to our feet at last. I welcome this new trend with open arms especially when these shoes are so pretty.


And last but not least what's Autumn without a brand new full on coat to wrap around yourself?


Well that just about sums up the kind of pieces I'll be going for this Autumn/Winter hope you enjoyed reading!

By the way next Wednesday I'm off to Glasgow with my friend to visit a university and do a spot of shopping so expect a better post next week.

Until then have a great weekend.

A quick note to say most of these items are from Topshop, Zara, and Asos, so pop on over to the sites to check out their latest collections.

A Titanic of a Time

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Over the weekend I found myself being dragged up the country to county Louth with the family and the grandparents. When I found out about this spur of the moment trip I wasn't over the moon to be honest seeing as I had so much work to do but in the end the weekend was too much of a failure. (if you ignore the pile of homework and study I'm currently pretending isn't waiting for me in the study)

We spent the weekend in a rented house in Carlingford which was gorgeously decorated with rugs, china and majorly comfy beds.

On Saturday we ventured into Belfast to visit the Titanic exhibition which was great if not a bit too long taking us over 2 hours to get through. However there was some great information about how it was built and the passengers on board and we even got to listen to real recordings of the survivors giving their accounts of that night.



Imagine not being allowed to have a cup of tea during your hard earned work break?


The 1st Class Cabin complete with 4 post bed.

The 2nd Class cabin.

This is the 3rd class cabin that cost £6 for the trip which was the equivalent of 1 months average wage.
These are some of the last messege sent before the ship sunk.


Unfortunately I didn't get to do any shopping in Belfast but maybe it's for the best so I have more to spend when I go to Glasgow next week.
That's all from my day at the Titanic Exhibition and sorry for the small pictures I can't seem to expand them for some reason or another.
Thanks for reading,


Top TV programs. What I spend my precious time watching.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Hello lovely,

Hope your Friday is going well and you've got lots of plans for the weekend. I plan on spending the next 48 hours practising the art of being a hermit and living on lots of white hot chocolate and cereal. 

Today I had to follow up on some prefect duties at my school and throw a pizza party for about 150 students with my fellow prefectees. And after a long hard day of playing around I've decided not to do some much needed study but to write a blog on all the tv programs I watch instead of working towards the most important exams of my life. (Cue mini heart attack)

I'm going to get the ball rolling with the program Bones in which Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, who was Angel from Buffy if you didn't know, play a forensic anthropologist and a FBI detective.

This season is off with a good start which is comforting because I was worried about the possibility of it being a wee bit boring what with the whole Booth/Brennan relationship deal. But all seems to be on track and they've been doing a good job so far. I've been following this series from the very start and it's a nice one to spend 40 or so minutes enjoying.

You all may have heard of Modern Family, which yes is hilarious, but have you heard of The Middle? It's a relatively new show with the brilliant Patricia Heaton from Everybody Loves Raymond. It's basically about a middle class family who live in an average everyday American small town. The family is made up of funny characters from the small socially awkward, book loving Brick to the high energy but completely hopeless Sue. The oldest child Axl is played by Charlie McDermott  and I gotta say I'm warming to him very steadily. Give it a try because if you watch some of the more recent episodes the Whoopi Goldberg plays a cameo, and who wouldn't want to watch that? 

Next up is Teen Wolf and being a 16 year old girl I think I'll just let the pictures do the talking instead of my drooling over the cast.
Stiles is actually my all time favourite character even though he's probably the only one who doesn't have super natural power of some kind. He's just too funny not to love really. Its really is a great show though with some deep plots and relationships knocking about to keep you interested. If you're not into the whole Twilight werewolf thing then this is the show for you. 

Ok so if you haven't heard of The Mentalist yet you must be living under a rock. It's such a good plot story of a phony physic, Patrick Jane, who feels responsible for urging a serial killer to kill his family and who then continues on to solve murders with the hopes of encountering the murderous 'Red John'. Right now Jane is coming very close to Red John and it's getting intense...... And I have to say Simon Baker is not bad looking either.

2 Broke Girls. Hilarious, funny, brilliant, witty, tongue-in-cheek, what more can I say? Kat Dennings plays a rocksy, sarcastic, hard edge Max who takes a now broke but previously rich Caroline played by Beth Behrs under her wing. They work together in a New York diner with some really good characters. If you haven't watched it GO NOW! The first two episodes are okay but it gets real afterwards. I cannot stress it enough, please watch it for some laughs.

I think that's all the shows I can show you before you start to think I'm a complete tv-aholic and do nothing else but sit around in front of the screen. I can honestly say I haven't watched anything this whole week I've been so busy with school. But I'm making up for it now anyhow.

Well thanks for reading and just to let you know I'm off to Belfast next weekend so expect some good photos. Hopefully.


Dello Russo's Golden Jewellery Box

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Ciao everyone.
 I'm just taking a break from doing some pretty shoddy study work and I thought I'd write up a quick post to keep this blog alive. Hope your Sunday is going fabulously and you've all tucked into your Sunday dinners by now, unlike me who has yet to cook something up for myself. 

As some of you may know power woman Anna Dello Russo, editor-at-large for Vogue Japan, has collaborated with H&M to do an accessory and shoe line. I've been reading about all the hype leading up to the release and so I wasn't surprised to find out that the collection sold out within 3 hours of it's release! With this piece of information I thought I'd show you the lovely golden jewelled beauties that were oh-so-coveted. 

Anna Dello Russo for H&M

Anna Dello Russo for H&M

Anna Dello Russo for H&M
Anna Dello Russo for H&M Anna Dello Russo for H&M
 Anna Dello Russo for H&M I am quite a big fan of these sunnies to be honest. Who wouldn't like golden bejewelled crocodiles on their glasses?
 Anna Dello Russo for H&M   Anna Dello Russo for H&M
Anna Dello Russo for H&M Anna Dello Russo for H&M Anna Dello Russo for H&M
 Anna Dello Russo for H&M   

Over all the collection is completely Dello Russo, bold and  golden and it's no wonder it sold out so fast. 

With the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Cavalli, Lanvin, Del Ray and now Anna Dello Russo, H&M has firmly defined its ability to build itself up to compete with the upper high street names like Topshop and Zara. The question is now, how will they up the standard of their regular products to match the likes of  their amazing collaborators' creations?

So that's all from me today I hope you enjoyed yourselves and have a good rest of the Sunday!
Thanks for reading,

I don't own any of these photo's. They're sourced from Marie Claire.