A Titanic of a Time

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Over the weekend I found myself being dragged up the country to county Louth with the family and the grandparents. When I found out about this spur of the moment trip I wasn't over the moon to be honest seeing as I had so much work to do but in the end the weekend was too much of a failure. (if you ignore the pile of homework and study I'm currently pretending isn't waiting for me in the study)

We spent the weekend in a rented house in Carlingford which was gorgeously decorated with rugs, china and majorly comfy beds.

On Saturday we ventured into Belfast to visit the Titanic exhibition which was great if not a bit too long taking us over 2 hours to get through. However there was some great information about how it was built and the passengers on board and we even got to listen to real recordings of the survivors giving their accounts of that night.



Imagine not being allowed to have a cup of tea during your hard earned work break?


The 1st Class Cabin complete with 4 post bed.

The 2nd Class cabin.

This is the 3rd class cabin that cost £6 for the trip which was the equivalent of 1 months average wage.
These are some of the last messege sent before the ship sunk.


Unfortunately I didn't get to do any shopping in Belfast but maybe it's for the best so I have more to spend when I go to Glasgow next week.
That's all from my day at the Titanic Exhibition and sorry for the small pictures I can't seem to expand them for some reason or another.
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