Rediscovered Childhood

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Hello lovelies!

First thing's first, I'd like to wish you all a very Happy New Years and hopefully you set off 2014 with a big bang! I certainly know I enjoyed the first few days of the new year celebrating with friends and perhaps indulging in a few not so very non-alcoholic drinks here and there ;) Even though it's taken me a few days to recuperate fully I'm glad my New Years celebrations finally lived up to their expectations.

But New Years has come and gone, resolutions have been made and broken, and we're all in that awkward middle ground feeling slightly depressed that Christmas and its joys have left us considerably pudgier than before and twiddling our thumbs waiting for that dreaded day when we must return to work, school or university. 

However fear not, I have come to rescue you my dears! Whilst being a safe techno whiz and backing up my photos on a hard drive I came across some cracking childhood photos of yours truly.. And since I'm such a generous soul I thought I'd cheer you all up by sharing them with you so you can laugh along with me (and maybe burn off some calories too).

Disclaimer: I don't take responsibility for the outrageous clothes featured in these photos. It was the 90's, one has to make exceptions.... Oh and apologies to any siblings who may be featured... 

Swan Lake standard right there.

 I went for the classic tracksuit and horrifying face paint costume this year obviously....

 Oh they had no idea what they had started giving me that glass ;)

Possibly the best dressed and co-ordinated group of kids ever...... Denim days forever!

Working the double denim trend before it was even a trend.

So after those photos you definitely can't deny that I'm pretty committed to this blog if I'm willing to embarrass myself on the internet. But I do love looking at old photos to help me remember all those years ago since my memory is quite atrocious and also to remind me never, ever, ever to get a bob and a fringe at the same time.

Hope 2014 is treating you well!
Thanks for reading,
Ciara xx