Sourced Box Deliciousness

Friday, 26 August 2016


My favourite time of the month has arrived, my August Sourced Box popped up on my door step and this time it did not disappoint.

open box with all the products in view

As someone who regularly spends her free time perusing the shelves of health food stores Sourced Box is my dream come true. Cool new delicious vegan snacks to try every month. 

For those of you who haven't tried this box out yet I thought I'd do up a little review of the treats I got sent this month. Of course sometimes I come across one or two products I'm not a huge fan of but that's kind of what I like about the concept. I'm introduced to new foods and ingredients that I wouldn't usually pick out.

Chia Bia Chia Oil, Omega 3, Vegan

These Chia Oil Omega 3 supplements are a great vegan alternative to other omega sources like fish oils. It's also great to see an Irish brand making their way into the UK and international market.

YUYO herbal tea

So far I've tried the Yerba Mint yoyo tea and it was lovely. You can really tell the difference when you go from non-organic to organic options, even with tea!

Raw vegan protein bar, peanut protein bar, chia vanilla, hemp protein, pea protein

I have to say these bars were nice but not mind blowing. I was expected more flavour when I first bit into the bar but instead they fell a bit short on the tasty scale for me. 

Olove love snack pack

I love me some salty olives and these Oloves were super tasty. All packed away in a convenient snack sized pouch.

Dried cranberries, raw chocolate co. vanoffee mulberries,

Both of these snack were yummy. After tasting the raw vanoffee mulberries I cam to the conclusion that they pretty much tasted like milk chocolate covered sultanas which I was completely fine with. The dried cranberries tasted just as you would think, like dried cranberries. However I liked the idea of no artificial sweeteners or preservatives because with some dried fruits, especially those as sour as cranberries, you might find that companies have added in some sugars to create a sweeter taste.

The protein ball co. lemon and pistachio, raw gorilla munchies

I was really impressed with the protein balls and will definitely buy them again or try to find their other flavours to taste. I did however find the raw gorilla munchies a tad confusing. They looked like small circular crackers but tasted more like soft bites of mystery with not a lot of flavour. While they were eat-able I just wasn't sure what exactly I was eating.

Inspiral kale chips

I'm going to make a confession now that might go against all of the founding morals of the 'health & wellbeing' industry. I'm officially not a fan of kale chips. There I said it. I've tried multiple brands and favours of the crispy dried green chips and so far none have been up to scratch. Still, if you're a fan of chips of the kale variety these ones could be tasty.

Sibberi Bamboo Water

Now when I tried this bamboo water I was expecting something similar to coconut water but instead it tasted more like plain water with a slight earthy taste. But I think if you're looking for a lower sugar, 0 calorie alternative to coconut water (which tends to be high on the sugar scale) then the Sibberi products are for you. From what I've read their waters are great for hydration, and detoxifying the body and also strengthening your skin, hair and bones. 

So that is all the swag I got in my Sourced Box this month. All in all a box full of new products and ingredients some of which I liked and some of which I'm glad I tried out.

Let me know if you've tried out Sourced Box before and what you've thought. Maybe after seeing all these cool healthy snacks you might be tempted to try it out for a month. 

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