Driving Around France

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Last week my parents, sister and I went on a trip to the south of France to do a bit of exploring. We rambled around towns around thMediterranean coast of France right along the coast of Spain. While we didn't get any rain (thankfully!) it was quite windy and chilly so a heavier coat was definitely needed. 

I thought I'd share a few of the photos I took along the way.

First Stop: Collioure

I really liked Collioure with its old town, colourful buildings and blue beach. 

collioure coast, france, south of france

boat in the port of collioure, south of france,

Following any one of the many side streets and archways leads you to stumble upon pretty colourful houses. 

colourful, painted houses, collioure,

Next Up: Béziers

Béziers turned out to be a quite a nice city with lots of old churches, museums, French history and a gorgeous view.

historic, beziers cathedral, south of france,


I think I liked Canet in particular because it was the first warm, sunny day we had had all week. That being said, it was still a lovely seaside town that I'd say is lively during the summer.

canet en roussillon, port, boats, palm trees,

I'll cut this post short here for now because it's getting a little lengthly, but more to come!

Let me know where you've been travelling to recently?
Thanks for reading,
Ciara xx

Stressed Out? Go on a Stress Walk

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Frosty field. Morning blue sky. Park

Hey guys!

I've been noticing that I'm getting stressed out or sort of feeling compressed recently what with college work, the daily commute and trying to stay balanced.

One thing that I've been doing to get out of the house, out of my room and away from zoning out to Netflix or YouTube is going out for a walk, or as I've been saying, a stress walk.

The weather now is not majorly cold or rainy so getting out in the fresh air really is great therapy. I prefer going out during the night after my day is over and the evening joggers, dog walkers and playing kids have retired into their homes for the night. There's something so calming about being the only one walking down a street-lamped path breathing in the cold night's air.

Lamppost in the night with a tree.

Silhouette of a girl on the path. Made by a lamppost street light during the night.

Lamppost shining through the trees at night. Shadows of branches.

Lamppost shining through the trees at night. Shadows of branches.

Lamppost in a housing estate with trees. Shadows.

Lamppost lights making shadows of tree branches on the road or street. Night time

Sometimes I listen to music and sometimes I'll take out my earphones and listen to what's happening around me. But more often than not I'll have a podcast on the go to keep me company for an hour or so while I have some me time. As I've said before I'm obsessed with Katie Dalebout and the Wellness Wonderland podcast and I dip into You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes or Food Psych with Christy Harrison. All of these podcasts are so interesting, insightful and entertaining so it's like you're having a nice long conversation with someone while you walk. Or if you want sometimes calling up a friend to go with you can be an awesome way to catch up and put the phones away for a bit.

So yeah going on nice long walks has been my go-to tool for dealing with stress and anxiety at the moment, let me know how some of your own go-to tips and tricks for when you start feeling overwhelmed or like the world is going to come down on you full force!

Becoming A Yoga Warrior

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Hey guys,

So as part of my Vision Board goals for March and efforts to make exercise less about punishing my body and more about connecting with my body I've decided to try take up yoga.

I've heard only brilliant things about the benefits of yoga for both body and mind and it seems to help a lot of people I know personally.

I did a quick Google search for a yoga studio in Dublin near enough to where I study at university and came across YogaHub right near Grafton Street. What really drew me to this place was the fact that they described themselves as friendly and welcoming and when I went there today they really were. 

I tried out the beginners 'Flow' class with Katie as the instructor and it was great. Because I come from a history of dancing I really liked the fluidity of the movements however weight training has really tightened up my hips! 

A big thing for me was that I felt comfortable and the class was really non-judgemental and Katie even took note of the newbies and asked us our names. 

They also have a cute cafe called HappyFood which is vegan and filled with delicious meals and treats. I'm definitely going to have to head back and drag my boyfriend to get some yummy brunch.

Over all I had a great experience and I think I'll be trying to get yoga into my week more often.