About Me

So you've popped over here to find out a bit about me?

Well, where to start... My name is Ciara and I'm an 20 year old Irish student currently studying marketing. I originally started my blog 'The Uninteresting Life?' in August 2012 as a bit of a side project through which I could write about my various different interests like fashion and of course food glorious food! 

But now as I've grown and come up against many different challenging pieces in life like disordered eating, negative body image and all the jazz that comes along with those issues, my interests have changed. 'The Uninteresting Life?' has become not just a creative outlet but an online journal through which I can document and share my holistic, spiritual journey.

A few fun things about me:

I'm a huge believer in trying out new things and trying to push myself out of my comfort zone (which can be hard sometimes I know). That may be the reason why I've dappled here and there with ballet, viola, weight lifting, photography, running, cooking and lots more.

I'm one of those people who has got a serious case of wanderlust, and for anyone who isn't familiar with the term it means 'desire to explore and travel'. I've been pretty lucky so far with my adventures but there are plenty more places on my 'to see' list to check off.

I'm someone who believes in feeling comfortable and confident in what you wear and letting your outfit fuel your confidence. 

Recently I've become more aware of the massive environmental and ethical issues surrounding fashion, especially after reading this book. I'd love one day to promote a fashion label that cares about where and how it's sourcing it's materials and who's making their products. 

I have to admit I do love a good sweaty workout. What I'm trying to learn is not to see exercise as a way of changing or punishing my body but as a way of strengthening my muscles and connecting body and mind.