Sunday Morning Hike at Glendalough

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Hello lovelies!

So I have just sat down with a cup of raspberry and cranberry tea after a shower and a long morning of hiking. Usually to keep fit (ie still fit into my jeans) I go on the cross trainer everyday for a bit but last night I realised that no matter how many episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians I watched to keep me distracted whilst enduring 30 minutes of hard breathing exercise really is quite boring. So in order to spice it up a little bit I suggested going for a bit of a hike with my parents in the mountains of County Wicklow.

Glendalough really is a beautiful area and if it's a nice day I would recommend it to anyone who was looking to waste a few hours exploring the countryside  This morning at 8 o'clock however, it was cloudy, cold and frosty, the way I like it.

I thought I'd show you a few of the photos I took whilst we were here. Be warned I've tried my hand at playing with the contrast and saturation so they may seem a bit rough ;)

We passed this poor chap puffing his way up the mountain as we were on our way down. It seems he finally got to the top. 

We were also lucky enough to run into two of the locals.

We spent a good 3 hours hiking up the back of the mountain surrounding the lake, coming back down to cross the valley and walk home along the black coloured water. It's a great workout for anyone who like me, gets bored quickly of the gym and doing the same exercises over and over again. Plus getting out in the fresh air and appreciating how gorgeous Ireland can be is a reason in itself. 

The only thing I would suggest is to wear lots of layers, especially if you're going up in the morning or it's a windy or cloudy day. You work up a sweat quick enough but as soon as you stop for a break you'll start to feel the chill.  

Thanks for reading,
Ciara xx