Sleuthing Around in Mendocino: Murder, She Wrote

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hello lovelies!

Sadly this post will be the last of my Californian diary on the blog because we spent the next two weeks just doing family stuff and going for hikes and all that malarkey when were were staying by the coast. However I am leaving you with a cracker of a post today because today's post is all about Mendocino and a certain J.B Fletcher....

Mendocino is a really quaint little postcard town on the coast where you can imagine your 70 year old self going to peacefully retire and knit and play cards on the veranda  in the sun for the rest of your golden years. All the buildings were pastel coloured Victorian style with wooden boarding decorated with cute little potted plants or pathways leading up from the garden gate.

As you walk down the streets you can mosey around the gift stores that aren't full of mass produced touristy knick-knacks but pieces from local artists or homemade jam and chocolates. It's a lovely place to visit on a day trip with the grandparents.

All around the town you'll spot various structures covered in rainbow yarn. I thought it was just another cute Mendocino thing but it's actually something of an art exhibit made by an artist who carefully looked at the colours of the buildings and came up with died yarn to compliment them.

I couldn't resist sneaking a photo outside this house.

But I must admit all the chocolates, jams, and yarn covered trees were not what got us excited about Mendocino. No, it was something else much more exciting. Something I'm sure will make my sisters and I sound like we're already grannies. Before heading off to Mendocino we were doing a bit of research and found out that some episodes and exterior shots for the hit show (well at least my guilty pleasure) Murder, She Wrote were shot in the town. After that there was no stopping us.

We found out that the house shown in the opening credits is actually a B&B called Blair House, which we promptly Google Mapped and hunted down...

As if that hasn't made us look like complete weirdos our MSW tour wasn't over yet. Not only did we discover Blair House but we also went to Hill House where the sassy J.B Fletcher shot a few scenes for an episode. 

What a great ending to the series don't you think? San Francisco was a great city to visit and it's definitely worth going over there yourself however I would recommend renting out a car because there is just so much to do in the areas surrounding the city too.

Thanks for reading,
Ciara xx


  1. Lovely photos!! :)

  2. These photos are lovely and San Fran looks like a gorgeous place to visit!

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah if you have a car you can really explore all the less touristy areas and get a feel for the area :)

  3. I looooooved A Murder She Wrote!! I didn't know it was shot there!!!!!!!