Fooding it Up in San Francisco

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Hello lovelies

So as promised I'm coming back with an ultra foodie post for yous all so make sure you've had a snack because after reading this you're bound to have the nibbles.

When my sister and I found out we were going to be heading across the pond to the USA there was only one clear though in our minds and that was, IHOP. Not the Golden Gate Bridge, not The SF Ballet, nothing fancy or cultured at all but just pancakes. We even looked up the menu and had decided what we were having before we left.... So it was of the utmost importance that we went to IHOP to satisfy our need for classic chain restaurant American food.

But we weren't disappointed let me tell you that. I had strawberry and she had chocolate. We went half and half and it was a match made in heaven.

The next stop on our foodie agenda was an ice cream place in Berkeley where my older sister went on her J1 last year. We were going to head up that direction anyways to see where she was living last summer so why not fit in a few snack stops too? :)

Cream is the name of this cookie/ice cream emporium where you can have an ice cream of your choice snadwiched between two delicious soft and thick cookies. Eimear went for mint chocolate chip ice cream with a double chocolate chip cookie and then a chocolate chip and caramel cookie.

After walking about Berkeley for a bit and taking in the sights, the dollar store, people talking to themselves and a good vegetarian restaurant, it was time to visit the University of California, Berkeley which is rated one of the top 10 universities in the US. 

It just so happened that we passed by Sheng Kee's, a really nice Asian bakery on the way that Claire liked to visit last year so I mean how could we not stop by and pick up something?

Then is was finally time for a walk about Berkeley Uni and I can see why college is so expensive in America. This place is huge! Speckled in green areas and huge trees the campus was crawling in people milling about on the grass enjoying the sun. 

 Top- Topshop
Shorts- River Island
Shoes- Toms
Sunglasses- Burberry
Jumper- Topshop

A real T-Rex skeleton just chillin outside the library. No big deal ;)

And is if we hadn't eaten enough food already we had to make one more stop. A stop I was particularly excited about as it included frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt from Yogurt Park.

Look so good right? Tastes even better!

If you're not hungry by now I give you props. If you are hungry I give you permission to go get a snack :)

Thanks for reading,
Ciara xx

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