A Cup of Joe with Bob and Ted

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Hey guys :)

I'm coming to you today because I'm still trying to stay on the New Years resolution bandwagon. The main promise I made to myself was to try and experience more this year and push myself not to get complacent in my safe daily routines. So when I came across Eventbrite and their GOMO blog post all about getting people away from Netflix and Chill, and into the habit of GOMO (Going Out More Often) it sounded like a perfect excuse to go do something new. 

Off I took to Google something to do in Dublin that I could pop into and visit on my way back from college and I saw that the Gallery of Photography Ireland were putting on an exhibit of photos taken of Bob Dylan by Ted Russell. I've always loved photography and taking photos myself so I'm really glad I got to see the exhibit and thanks to Eventbrite for giving me the push I needed to get out more often #GOMO 

I wasn't sure if you could take photos so I had to cheekily snap a few quick ones with my phone but check them out below.

For anyone who is into photography and film you should make you way to Meeting House Square in Temple Bar to check out the exhibits going on. The Gallery of Photography has a few classes on during the year that you can go to too. Such a cool area of town that I've actually never been to before. 

Also if you want to check out Eventbrite's blog post on GOMO its over here and if you ever want to start up your own event and need to sell tickets online they have you sorted over here too. I actually used Eventbrite to buy my college ball ticket, it was really easy to use and I was able to download the ticket onto my phone which made everything nice and simple. If you have the app you can even see what events are going on in your local area which is super cool if you're looking to go out more often. 

Let me know what's going to be your first #GOMO moment! 

*This is not a sponsored post, all opinions expressed in this post are my own :)