Vision Board | March

Friday, 26 February 2016

Mood board or vision board. To help motivate, inspire and stay focused.

Hey guys,

As part of my efforts to stay inspired, focused and keep pushing myself to try new things and learn more about myself and what I love I'm trying out vision boards. The basic idea is to create a visual space where you can centre and see your all goals, motivations, inspirations and reminders in the one place.

Personally I feel like there are so many things I need to do and learn to help me along my wellness journey path and by making a board its easier for me to just take a few topics or activities on board month by month.

This month, March, I'm going to try get into learning how to journal and get into yoga. I've heard a lot about journaling and hopefully by trying to do it everyday it will help me express myself and bring everything thats going on in my head to paper in an effort to sort through it all and keep on track with how my soul is feeling. And of course yoga is major in the holistic wellness world and something I've been thinking about doing recently as a form of exercise that will link my body and soul together.

Another big project for me is carrying on my New Years resolution to experience more and push myself to get out of the safety and consistency of my daily routines.

Inspiration, Do something new everyday that scares you. Spiritual circle.

Of course this is all new and a case of trial and error but having something visual like a vision board that I wake up to every morning really helps to reinstall all my good intentions and keep them to the front of my mind.

Yes I have YouTuber and blogger Estée Lalonde on my board because her style is the bomb and she's kick-ass.

Close up theme, inspiration, diy
Who spots the wonderful and fabulous Katie Dalebout from Wellness Wonderland? 

I found even just putting together the board was so much fun and got all my creative juices flowing. And I'm excited to create different themed boards and new designs as the months go on. The local crafts shop has a new customer!


  1. I loved this! I really need to re-do my vision board as its not as up to date as I would like it to be!

    1. Yeah I'm sure keeping up with them is hard when we get busy with other projects. Fingers crossed I'll be able to keep up with mine!

  2. I love your vision board - especially the circle drawing that represents different aspects of a balanced life! I often feel overwhelmed by the thought of creating a vision board, so I like how you've chosen to focus on a few things a month. I feel inspired to get mine done now.

    1. Yeah that circle really speaks to me and keeps me grounded. I like the idea of taking baby steps along the way :) You should totally make a vision board, it was so much fun and creatively freeing xx

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