Early Morning Ramblings in Castletown.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Hello lovelies!

Hope you're all quickly adapting to real life after getting back from the Christmas Holidays unlike me who is most certainly dying. 
I'll be having mock exams in two weeks for basically the biggest set of exams I'll ever have to endure, The Leaving Cert. For anyone who isn't from Ireland the Leaving is the equivalent to the English A levels where instead if doing 3 subjects to be examined on I have to do SEVEN! Sounds easy? Yeah not really when I tell you whether I get into university or not is decided on the exact results I receieve. No special interviews. No personal essays. So right now I'm cramming like a crazy woman just to make up for all the work I haven't been doing. Let's just say I'm definitely addicted to green tea by now!

Moving swiftly on to today's post however. On New Years day my friend and I decided to get up insanely early after a night of partying and go on a little photography trip to the great big old estate near where we live.

With less that 3 hours sleep off we ventured in the freezing cold and here are some of the photos we took with numb fingers.

 This is the lovely avenue leading up to Castletown House.

The back of my friend's beautiful head!

Bit of Irish Pride never hurt.

I'm very precariously perched on that fence you can see my hands gripping on for dear life!

Two absolutely gorgeous dog's I couldn't help but take a picture of.

My friend and I trying to be artsy standing on top of a pole.

That's most of the good photos I managed to pick out of the bunch we took. Thanks to my friend too who took some of these pictures as well after becoming a little obsessed with my camera the night before.

Sorry the last couple of posts have been a little short but it's hard to write good ones right now, what with my relationship with my texts books taking over my life.

Enjoy the weekend and thanks for reading.