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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

(Dior Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week)

Hello lovelies!

Happy Wednesday everyone hope your week is going better than mine! With a week left to mock exams I'm trying to cram as much pieces of information into my skull as possible and it's not really working.

Today I'm getting straight into this post because my stomach is about to explode with excitement/happiness. I'm here to write about some of the new haute couture collections this year and as many of you may know haute couture is any designer's excuse to be as lavish and as extravagant as they can.

I tend to prefer haute couture to just the average Joe F/W or S/S collections because not only are the gowns incredible but they are the complete representation of the designer's creative thoughts due to the fact that they are all hand made and constructed freely often without a financial budget. 

I'm starting with my all time favourite designer in the entire world, Elie Saab. As per usual all I can say is; wonderful, beautiful and just perfection. Perfect visions in silk, lace and shear fabric.


My heart is beating so fast. I can't explain how much I love Saab.

I am completely aware of the large amount of photos just for one collection but I don't care. If I had the money I would wear Saab at my wedding.

Although I have to admit I don't quite like Chanel as I feel the collections appeal to a more mature woman but I was impressed by the youthful and almost 'Channel-ified' vampirical lacy yet pretty prairie styled gowns. 

Really youthful and appealing cuts, materials and colour palettes.

Funnily enough I would be tempted by wear some pieces of Lagerfeld's collection if it didn't set me back a couple of thousand euro. 

Though slightly more modern than his previous couture collection with clear cut panels and simple cuts I was still highly impressed by Valentino's pieces.

(Also note the brilliant Cara Delevingne) 

So as I recover from a wobbly heart I hope you enjoyed this little post about just two collections from this season's haute couture collections.

Have a great rest of the week and thanks for reading.

Photos sourced from www.style.com

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  1. I also tend to prefer haute couture collections. There tends to be something magical about them! Each piece above is simply stunning <3

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too! To answer your question, I got work experience at John Rocha by contacting John Rocha Three Moon Design (Contact details can be found online) and I asked them if they could offer me a week's placement. They have a transition year programme so if you contact them soon they should be able to help you out. I hope I've helped - Let me know how you get on! Good luck :)