Vegan Food Heaven in Barcelona

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Hey guys,

I've been so excited to share this post with you because it's all about one of my favourite things, food. And delicious vegan food too!

Now my family and I had been in France for 3 days before my sister and I went to Barcelona for a night. Let me tell you, from my times in Paris and general experience of eating in France, being vegan there is pretty tough. They love their cheese, their meats and you'll find a bit of something animal-based in nearly everything you pick up in a shop or look at on a menu. While I try be plant-based like 99% of the time because that's what I find makes me feel good I don't mind if there's maybe a little bit of milk hidden somewhere in my cereal or bread. France however was another story because save for bread and super oily deep fried chips there wasn't anything nice and nutritious for me to eat. That's why I was super excited to go to Barcelona because after a quick Google search I found loads of cool looking vegetarian and vegan restaurants to go to.

So without further adieu lets get the ball rolling.

Gopal Vegan Deli Shop

This place was seriously the best! They mainly serve 'beef', 'chorizo', 'chicken' sandwiches and burgers with sides like chips, salads or patatas bravas. My sister went for their house 'Gopal Buger' and I went for the 'Chorizo' Sandwich with a side of fries that came with a tasty dipping sauce.

But the best part about this place were hands down the donuts! I wish I had a few more days to try them all because they were seriously good. The first night I had a chocolate and coconut combo which was tasty but the next day, our last day, I went for the Oreo donut which stole 1st prize. They legit taste like regular donuts if not better because they're not as heavy.


We went to CatBar for dinner to try out their burgers I had read so much about. So good guys, so good. My sister isn't vegan and she loved them too. 

Boqueria Market

You can find so much good food here so it suits vegans, vegetarians and standard diets alike! We went to one of the many awesome fruit vendors to pick up breakfast. All this gorgeous food for €5!

So yeah Barcelona was great all-round: food, weather, amazing beach, sites and shopping. I'm definitely going to have to go back for longer next time.


  1. Questions:

    How old are you?
    Are you taken?
    Are you based in Ireland, France or Spain?
    What color are your eyes (can't quite tell from the picture)?


    1. Heya I'm 20, taken, Irish and still in Ireland but would love to move abroad after college and my eyes are blue.

      Thanks for the cool comment :)

    2. Thank you for answering. For what it's worth, you're breathtaking.

  2. Yum everything looks amazing! Super informative thanks for sharing !

    1. Thanks so much! It was such a good foodie trip, still dreaming of that Oreo donut ;)