Trinity Ball 2016

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Hey guys,

So last night I went to the 2016 Trinity Ball and it was so much fun. I'm not the biggest festival or concert person so I was a little bit hesitant about going until I found out the Kooks were playing. They ended up being amazing live which made the night worth it!

 For my outfit I wore a dress from Lipsy that I got on ASOS and some New Look shoes. Also since I'm not the best at hair and make-up I got my make-up done at Estée Lauder and my hair blow dried so safe to say I was feeling nicely glammed up.

I thought I'd share a few snaps we managed to take during the night.

Some tips if you are going to go to Trinity Ball:

1) Bring flats! Cobble stones, alcohol, and mud do not make for a great heel situation. 

2) Wear a short dress or make sure you can tie up your long skirt. I brought a bobbin to bunch up my dress and make it midi length. 

3) Wear a coat. The last act for Trinity Ball goes on around 4am so during the night it will get really cold and you don't want to be freezing. 

4) No one cares what you look like once you're in. Get a nice photo with your heels on before you go in but after that pretty much anything goes. Wear flats, a scarf, a coat, anything!

5) If possible opt for a dress with no sleeves or thin straps just so you can dance freely without your arms being restricted. 

So yeah I just wanted to do a quick post about my night. Over all I had a great time at Trinity Ball and it was loads of fun. We were so lucky it didn't rain!