Self-confidence: Feeling Good In Your Own Skin

Monday, 25 April 2016

Pink wall. Lemon water. Happy Girl

Hello everyone :)

As you may know, just like any other normal person, I struggle on a day-to-day basis with body positivity and self-confidence. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and the world is my oyster and I'm feeling great. But then other days, sometimes more often than I'd like, I wake up and suddenly I feel like my clothes don't fit as well, my skin is too red and puffy and I'm in desperate need of a duvet day.

Now we'd all love to be able to stay in bed and watch Netflix and drink tea all day when we're feeling rough but with life, college and work we all don't have that luxury. I've struggled a lot with these kinds of days, especially after nights when I've binged or overeaten but I'm slowly starting to come up with a few strategies to make me feel good on the outside so I can shine on the inside.

Obviously we all know self-love and body acceptance are the best ways to have good body image days all the time and that when we truly love our bodies we can reach levels of self-confidence we've never had before. However even for people without body image problems or disordered eating habits self-love and body acceptance is a hell of a lot to ask.

That's why I'm here to give you some tips on how to make yourself feel a bit better on the outside whilst you're doing the work to love yourself on the inside too.

A little bit of make-up can do a lot of good

I used to think wearing make-up was a bit like lying to yourself or covering up your insecurities. I felt that if I wore make-up I was somehow self-obsessed and superficial. But now I couldn't feel any more different. Now I'm by no means a 'beauty' professional, you won't find me sporting a perfect cat eye fleek or a smouldering smokey eye any time soon. I started off just wearing a tinted SPF with some mascara just to balance out my redness but now I've moved into dabbing on some concealer and highlighter to give my skin a glowy complexion. I know it may seem like a trivial but these little changes have helped a lot whenever I catch myself in a mirror. 

I went to get my make-up done for the Trinity Ball a week ago and picked up the Estée Lauder Double-wear concealer and their lip liner in which happens to match my lip colour perfectly so it's great for a causal look. 

Make-up. Mac. Clinique. Estee Lauder

Fab hair don't care

There's something about a freshly blown out mane that can give you a bit of sass in your step. Again, not really my strong area but I'm working on it. So far fishtail plaits are my forté and my blow drying technique is slowly but surely improving. Next on my to-buy list is a good curling iron so I can add to my naturally waving hair. 

Spritz it up

While I love a waft of perfume throughout the day I always, I mean always, forget to put on perfume before I leave the house. However in special circumstances like these kinds of days I make an extra effort to spray my favourite scent. A few of my personal favs are Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck and La Prairie Midnight. 

Perfume. Taylor Swift

Energise your inside

Rather than trying to cheer myself up with food I like to give myself a boost with a nice refreshing drink. Iced water with lots of lemon works wonders for me and gives my skin, energy levels and digestive system a well needed reboot. Cute glass jar is optional ;)

lemon water
lemon water

Wear clothes you both look and FEEL good in

All of us girls know how uncomfortable ultra skinny jeans can feel especially while we're PMSing or feeling bloated. Whenever I've had a bad night and my stomach is uncomfortable I don't particularly love the idea of a tight waistband digging into my stomach so I like to have a back up outfit on hand that I know I'll look and feel good in, even when I'm having a bad body image day. A usual go-to for me are some boyfriend fit jeans, a soft cosy jumper and a pair of comfy trainers. Nothing too fancy, an outfit that will boost my self-confidence and won't leave me pulling at my clothes all day.

So yeah those are a few things I've been doing to help me with my confidence levels and I'm sure I'll be able to add to the list as time goes on. Let me know if they are of some help and I'd love to know what some of your go-to feel happy tips are. Let me know in the comments!

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