Spielburg Cheesecake, Fabulous Fudge and Mooing Neighbours.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Top o' the mourning to ya'!
So I've finally managed to set aside some time for me to write a wee blog for you guys. I've been super busy with school work and being a hermit that I just had to put down my homework and get down to it. I give you my last day in the beautiful Doolin.
The first stop we made on our way home was to a local fudge shop that caught my eye. It's a family business ran by two sisters and a friend who hand make and sell their own gorgeous fudge. What a job!

I have got to say their peanut butter fudge was just too amazing. I ate my whole slice in about 5 minutes. You can find the Doolin Chocolate Shop online here and I would definitely stop by if you're ever by chance in Doolin.

Next on the agenda before heading off was to say goodbye to our lovely neighbours and to the beautiful bay. 
 They were just perfect to spend the holiday with, hardly made a sound if you forget about  the time they scared me half to death when the walked around the tent inn the middle of the night.

 I'm guessing this is what many people think about when they picture Ireland. I can assure you it's not all cows and luscious green fields.

And finally the thing I had been looking forward to for the whole trip, the visit to the Féar Gorta (translates as 'the starved grass' in irish). These tea and garden rooms were visited twice by the brilliant Steven Spielberg just to get a taste of the lovely red berry glazed cheesecake. I practically hit the floor when I walked by the table stacked high with cakes and treats. 

The quiche lorraine I had was like eating heaven with bits of bacon mixed into the eggy clouds.

It's like something from one of my dreams.

Overall I would definitely head back to Doolin for the sole purpose of eating my entire weight in fudge, quiche and cakes. If you're blessed with a sunny weekend a trip to Co.Clare is in order!
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