The last of New York Fashion Week

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Okay so I'm sorry it's been nearly over a week since my last post but school has been a nightmare. Curse the Leaving Cert and all the work I have to put in! On top of all of that I have the worst cold/cough I've had in a while so my whole day today has consisted of Lemsip Lemon and Blackcurrant Max and making Irish notes for stuff I can't even understand in English. 

But enough of the pity party for me I'm here to talk about some more amazing pieces of pure gorgeousness that I saw during New York Fashion Week (which I just keep pretending I attended).

Zac Posen brought out the big guns in his Z -Spoke collection and I was impressed as always by his floral summer dresses and beautiful figure loving gowns in luxurious materials. Of course Naomi Campbell Erin O'Connor and Coco Rocha couldn't do any harm either! This collection has  got to be one of my all time favourites.


Of course I have to praise Vera Wang and her gorgeous layered laces, embellishment and brilliant colours. It's oh so sophisticated luxury.



 I have to say J. Mendel did a good job with his gorgeous gowns and plunging V neck cuts. I also love the flowing material and can never get enough of any of Medel's super feminine gowns. Anyone want to buy me a get well soon present?



And to top it all off Rodarte brought out some very new edge digital printing thigh splitting full length dresses. I don't know about you but I got a slightly chinese warrior-esque feel to this collection.

So right lads that's it from me about New York's best hope you enjoyed and it wasn't all too 'fashiony' for the average reader I tried my best to include lots of pictures!
Have a nice Sunday and thanks for reading,

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