This is real Ireland. Aran Islands.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

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I'm currently sitting on the floor nearly falling asleep after my first jog in about a year (yes I'm trying to get rid of my laziness) and I thought I'd write a blog for you before the day kicks off.
Last weekend my parents and my sister and I headed off to the west of Ireland to a place called Doolin in County Clare. I was feeling pretty negative about spending the weekend in the back end of nowhere but it turned out to be a grand old trip.

We got up early on the first day to catch a boat to Inismór which is one of the trio of islands that make up the Aran Islands of the coast of Ireland.

Thankfully the weather was absolutely gorgeous while we were there and I managed to snap a few photos while were were cycling around the island.

 These tomb stones are in a place called the Seven Chapels which are the ruins of an old church a few hundred years old.

We cycled for about two hours and then my parents decided the wanted to hike up to Dun Aonghasa, an old fort, and thank god we did because I would have never have seen these amazing 300ft cliffs.

 My mom wouldn't let me stand up so close to the edge so I settled for sitting down. It was pretty windy so that was probably the best idea.
 So that's the first day of Doolin over and done with I hope you enjoyed seeing what the true Ireland is like and I have much more to tell you about my trip. Spoiler it involves some good tastin' fudge.
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