First day back to TORTURE I mean school.....

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

You're lookin' fine today.
So yesterday I awoke at 7:30AM to get ready for my first day back at school in 6th year. (Senior year for the USA)

It wasn't too bad to be honest because I got to see all my brilliant friends again and catch up with people I hadn't seen all summer. Also because I'm a prefect I spent a good chunk of the morning giving a tour to the new 1st years (sorry I don't know what grade that is in the US but you're about 12 in 1st year) around the school. I got a group of 5 1st years to show around and for the rest of the year I'll be their go to person if they have any questions or problems they need help with. Pretty neat huh?

So all in all it wasn't too bad starting back at school because I don't necessarily hate school I just dislike having to do stupid subjects I'll never use again for the rest of my life (I'm talking to you Religion). I'm not as bad, thank god, as some people who just moan and whine about school everyday, all day long. The way I see it it's a few years of your life you have to give up in order to have an awesome time for the rest of your time on earth. A good bargain if I do so say myself.

But after the first day was done and dusted we headed off to a friends house to celebrate being back to school and to eat away our sorrows. That is if  you call celebrating ordering 80 euro worth of pizza and munching on popcorn and chocolate whilst watching movies 'celebrating'. I just call it a regular Saturday night.

 It was a great night all together even if I do still have a massive food baby as a result. And I think we'll make it a monthly thing just to make myself even more unhealthy. Oh well I'm off to finish a 5 page essay I have to complete for tomorrow. God I love school!
Thanks for reading,