France, Walking Tours and Waterfalls.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hello again, fancy meet you here?
So continuing on with my adventures in Nice I'm starting off with one of the many walking tours we went on during my  first week. At first I was glad to be rambling about instead of classes but in fact I think during my first week I learnt nothing at all because I had ziltch actual classes. That's not to say I learnt very much more in my second week either!
                   But moving on, our walking trip was to the nearby Jardins (gardens) where they have lovely flower beds and other garden related objects. Yes yes, I know very interesting but it was very pretty.

After dinner we headed up the mountain Colline to take a gander at a beautiful waterfall. I have to say it was not an easy task hiking up all those steps to the very top but the view was worth it. Just barely.

 Yes this is the waterfall and yes I was too lazy to go all the way to the top above the waterfall.

 From Colline you could also see the port, (where we would later do a spot of scuba diving) which was full of brilliant big boats and one very impressive boat had its own helicopter pad. I think.

 And according to the tour guide this castle is called Chateau du Fou (excuse my spelling/grammar) which means Castle of the Crazy and is supposedly a mental home. Have to admit living there would be quite relaxing indeed.
So  that's all from me about my first week in Nice and there is much much more to come very soon. Hope you enjoyed!