France, Antibes and Picasso

Friday, 17 August 2012

How you doin'?
So in continuing on with my blogging about France I'll tell you that on my first Saturday I went on a tour to an old town near Nice called Antibes. And let me tell you this town wasn't all gorgeous beaches and crepe stands it had a dock full of enormous boats. These boats weren't just little fancy white yachts some of these creatures had been fitted with sheds to hold the yachts! And of course I was keeping an eye out for my favourite one so I too could spend about 1 million euro on a monster of a boat. I didn't buy one right then ans there because I thought my lunch money wouldn't be a large enough deposit. But I took a few pictures of the ones that caught my eye the most if you know, someone wants to buy one for me?

 So I'm  guessing someone called Valerie was being expected?

After oogling and drooling over the impressive boats we headed off the the Picasso Museum which I was so excited about not because I know very much about art but because they were Picasso originals and I would be able to get all up close and personal with them. Unfotunately no one was allowed to take pictures but I did take a few of the statues that were around the museum. 

And that's not all lads and lassies there's more photos to come! During the day I managed to get some shots of the old town and some of the beach too while I was there trying get less reflectively pale. Spoiler alert, at the end of the holiday I still looked like a pale irish potato.


So yeah that's all I have on Antibes for you but I hope you liked my little blog about it. I think I can manage to squeese out about 3 more blogs about my time in France so don't worry there's more to come soon. And sorry if you find all this France stuff a tad boring you'll just have to wait!
Thanks for reading,