Slutty Chocolate Brownies

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I just came to say, Hello!
So now that I'm searching for new things to blog about I have taken to going through older photos from the beginning of the Summer and I came across some from when my friend and I took on the challenge of being kick ass bakers. We got the lovely idea of baking gorgeous chocolate brownies with a recipe we got from another blog called The Londoner. It's such a brilliant blog which is written by the beautiful Rosie so check it out! But continuing on with our baking adventures here's the recipe:

Betty Crocker's Chocolate Brownie Mix
Betty Crocker's Chocolate Chip Mix
Betty Crocker's Chocolate Cake Paste
4 Eggs (The amount of eggs will vary depending on what mixes you use so check the box)
2 packets of Oreos 
Love and Care
Butter ( for greasing up that baking dish!)

So what we did was make up the cookie mix first and lay it down as the first layer in the baking dish and then continued to place out the next layer which were the oreos. Two packets should leave a few left over which we snacked on to keep our energy up.

 Next make up the brownie mix and pour it all over the oreos making sure to cover all the little spaces and corners.

Leave in the oven at about 190 Degrees Centigrade for 35- 40 minutes and if you can resist temptation for long enough, leave to cool.

If you want to make these brownies extra slutty (which we did) you can paste on some delicious Betty Crocker's Chocolate Cake Paste.

Simply scrumptious!!

I have to say one brownie would have sufficed for the evening but my complete lack of will power urged me on to have a second. They were just too good to resist. Thanks to Rosie and her blog The Londoner for providing my friend and I with this great recipe and thank you for reading.
More soon,