Living it up in France (at least unitl 11 o'clock)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Hello beautiful, you're lookin' well.
So in July I spent two weeks in Nice in the south east of France going to school to improve on my very dodgy french and I thought 'Hell I'll split those weeks into several posts,' because really, I don't think I could squeeze the whole trip into one. And you'll be happy to know there are loads of photos in this blog so already its gonna be a good one. (high hopes)
I give you:                               Day 1 in Nice
So the early start in the morning, 7:00am guys it was tough, was rewarded when I saw the name of the plane I would be flying in. 
 Is that photo clear enough or should I provide you with another expertly captured close up?

 Pretty cool I know I know. But it makes me wonder, who in the world would name a plane? It's not even like a private plane that I could understand but this one was an Aerlingus aeroplane. What's so brilliant about an Airbus A320? Moving on I arrived at Nice to find my lovely house mother Valérie waiting for me with my name written on a board, a major celebrity moment for me I have to say. 
I arrived in Nice at about 3 and I had some time before my roommate from Germany was supposed to fly in so I took advantage of my last bit of freedom and took to the streets with my camera in hand.

  It wouldn't be a holiday without a lovely cathedral.

 These lads lit up at night and glowed purple fading into blue and green. Super cool.

 Naked man statue in a fountain. Gotta love those French.

 So after my ramblings I went back to the apartment and met my lovely roomie Rabea for the first time. Turns out she'd be quite a pleasant person to share a room with for two weeks, luckily. After unpacking and exchanging some very weak basic french phrases with Rabea we were called to dinner and after a long day I collapsed onto my bed to awake for school the next day.
                         So that's all from me about my first day in Nice hope you enjoyed and there will be more soon.