Genius Brothers and Smashing Burritos

Thursday, 23 August 2012

On Monday or was it Tuesday? I'm not sure but anyway on one of those days it was a very important day for all the Irish students who have left secondary school (that's high school for all you USA readers) and will be going to college in September. It was the day all the Leaving Certificate results came out and those results basically dictate your whole life because they decide whether you go to college or not. The Leaving Cert (LC for short) is the equivalent to the English A Levels or the French Baccalaureate and in Ireland it's based on two years of work in 7 subjects in which you do big exams in at the end of those 2 years.
           To cut this long story short you get given points for each grade you get and you have to get a certain amount of points to get into your college course. The highest amount of points you can get is 625 and my cheeky brother who received his on Mon/Tuesday got 615!!!!! Like what the hell? First my sister gets full marks when she did the LC, now my brother has to do basically that as well. It's not fair on me!
But anyhow I know how you guys don't like too much writing so here are some of the photos I took of the food at our delicious meal at Picadero's.
 Now I know it doesn't look too appetising but this burrito here ^ was amazing! I ate my entire one but my less hard core of a sister brought half of hers home which I ate the next day. A mixture of cheese, beef, peppers, creme cheese, salsa and guacamole that had my mouth watering.
 My veggie Dad's cod choice. I'm not the biggest fan of fish so I didn't try it but I'm sure it was nice.
And my mom tucked into her lamb before I could get a reasonable photo of it. I'm sure that just goes to show how tasty it was.
Sorry guys for the poor photo to word ratio I was a bit too excited by my food to take more photos of the churros I had for dessert, but they were goooooood.
Hopefully I'll do as well as my fellow siblings when I do the Leaving Cert next June. I'll talk to ya'll tomorrow,