France, Perfumeries and never ending hikes.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Welcome to my blog everyone! Just make yourself at home there's coffee ready in the kitchen.
We're coming to the end of my first week in France as we reach what I think is Sunday. Me and Rabea thought it'd be interesting to go to this 'parfumerie' situated in a really old willage called Eze on a mountain. So after taking the bus up (which only costed us 1 euro each, take that Dublin Bus!) we arrived in Eze and in all our excitement we went to the wrong place. The perfumery we were supposed to go to was much bigger and had it's own factory. But oh well I still liked the tiny one we visited mostly because it smelled really good! On our 5 minute long tour of the building's one room I snapped up some shots.

 The tour guide explained to us that we could book an appointment with the specialists to make up our own scent and bottle it which sounded great to me, if I was willing to pay 200 euro for it. I think I'll still with making bubbles in that  bath.

After our brief tour and some candle shopping we went to visit the village of Eze which I found out had been converted into a querky resort where the visiters stay in the houses cut into the sides of the mountain. It all looked very chic with bell boys in the full get up walking about the small walk ways carrying massive amounts of luggage. My house mother told me at dinner that night that it costs up to and over 600 euro a night to stay there. Trés chic indeed.

They resort of course had a gourmet restaurant aswell with dishes up to nearly 150 euro! McDonald's anyone?

And to finish up our lovely hot day we decided to follow the little hiking path we found which we thought would just lead us to the other side of the villiage. But no it didn't. This certain trail we embarked upon brought us on a 2 hour trek down the mountain! For a lazy person such as myself this was not quite the relaxing stroll I was hoping for but in the end the views were beautiful.

But we did get down to the beach in the end after all that and to reward ourselves we decided to buy an ice cream. There wasn't much choice but we ended up with a fake magnum each that costed a measly 5 euro! In the supermarket you can get a 6 pack of proper magnums for like 3 euro. So it's safe to say we were ripped off. But oh well it was a lovely day all in all and the beach was quite a beauty too.

So yeah that's all for today my lovely but there's always tomorrow. 
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