An Introduction

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Hello beautiful, how's it going?
 Welcome to the first of I hope many blogs I'm going to write and thank you for continuing to read on. You're doing well so don't stop! I thought I'd write an introduction first just so you can get to know me better but seeing as this post has no pictures (Tom Daley related or not) I don't think many will bother to read it.
        To start off my name's Ciara and I'm a 16 year old student who will be sturggling through her last year of secondary school starting this September. I live in a big town in County Kildare which, for all you people who don't know Ireland is near Dublin. Due to the fact that there's nothing to do where I live my life is pretty 'uninteresting' most of the time but seeing as I did a lot of cool things this Summer I thought I'd start a blog so the rest of the internet can see just how brilliant my life really is! (not)
         Here's where I was planning on doing a piece about my hobbies but in all honesty I'm just such a lazy person I don't have much to talk about really. I'll keep it simple though and list them for you: eating good food, watching tv (well computer since we're all criminals watching tv online now a days), hockey (on and off), viola (we'll see if I continue with that one), walking (just because it's the laziest form of exercise) and being an all round hermit when it comes to exams prep or when I'm tired.
         I promise I'll try to do my very best to write good blogs but for now you'll have to bare with me while I learn the ropes. Hopefully I'll make this project long term because I think it could be good, given time. However, knowing my track record with going through fades (don't ask) you can never be too sure.
                   So I'll let you click off now and please come back another time to read some of my newer posts.
                   I should send you a medal for finishing reading all of that,