Topshop Supports Shelter Box

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hello all and happy mid-week slump!

I come to you bearing news on a special Topshop collaboration.

As you all know from previous associations with Fashion Targets Breast Cancer and Age UK; Topshop has gained a reputation for giving back.

And so it was no surprise when Topshop announced they were doing a collaboration with the charity Shelter Box to raise funds to support the organisation's work. 

Topshop has come out with a selection of charmed bracelets available to buy online and in your nearest store. £1 of the proceeds will be donated to Shelter Box to support its work providing emergency shelter and aide to communities around the world that have been effected by disasters.

Check out some the pretty charms you can buy.



The bracelets are available online here and I would strongly advise you to buy one to help Shelter Box improve the lives of the unfortunate people who have been caught by disasters. I know I'll be sporting one soon!

For more information on Shelter Box just pop on over here.

Thanks for reading guys!

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