The last of my London Adventures...Lake House Fun

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Hello lovelies!

So this blog is going to be my final 'London Adventures' post which is sad because that means I have to stop living in the past and embrace the present. A lot will be changing in my life these coming months and hopefully it will be a change for the good. However that is for another post entirely, today I am here to write about my final few days in England living it up in the Cotswolds staying in my aunt's absolutely gorgeous lake house.

Now I didn't know what to expect when my aunt talked about the house, was it going to be a rickety wooden construction or what? Because I do not do creepy crawlies! Let's just say I was very very pleasantly surprised when we arrived. Think luxury hotel crossed with an easy spa feel. My jaw was literally hanging open for a good 20 minutes that's how gorgeous this place was. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the actual house because I thought that might be invading my family's personal space but I did take a few of the lake on which the house sat!

If you're in the market for a little slice of heaven this place is the place for you. There's a perfect little gym which was almost empty every time we went there and also a swimming pool, sauna and spa to top it all off. And if you're into something a bit more physically challenging you can go kayaking, sailing or even swimming in the lake (which is a lot harder than it sounds trust me!). 

It was such a peaceful end to such a busy month for me and I would go back there in a heartbeat. One of my favourite things about holidays are the late nights you spend chatting around the dinner table in the silence of the night.

So that's the end of my wonderful month of London, I hope you enjoyed getting to find out what I got up to while I was there and all these posts weren't completely boring! Please stay with me because I have so much more planned for this blog :)

Thanks for reading,
Ciara xx

And of course the hugest of 'thank you's to my fabulous aunt who made it all possible for me!