Life Changes

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Hello lovelies!

Ok so it's quite a different post today as I thought I'd try out doing a little 'life update' post. As thousands upon thousands of Irish secondary students will know in June 2013 I sat the Irish Leaving Certificate, an exam that has the potential to map out the rest of your life for you. These exams area seriously stressful and can really take it out of the best of people. Fortunately I survived the ordeal and moved on with my summer filling it with travel and friends in a futile attempt to forget that in a few weeks time I would get my results....

Wednesday August 14th came around like a lightening bolt and all of a sudden I found myself driving up to my old school to collect my fate, wrapped up tight and served in a brown envelop with a side of anxiety.

In my opinion grades and results are not the most important things in the world and my approach to the Leaving Cert was very relaxed which is why I didn't think I was going to do well. However I was absolutely over the moon to receive 3 A1's, 3 A2's and a B1 in my exams. That amounts to 595 points out of a possible total of 625 so it was safe to say I was one happy girl.

Getting that amount of points meant that I was offered my first choice of university courses which was Business and French at Trinity College Dublin. I'm not entirely sure if I'll love my course but I'm so excited to get into the university student lifestyle. New friends, new classes, new experiences and tonnes of societies and clubs to get involved in. Yesterday I got my welcome email from Trinity and it got me all excited and ready to start choosing my extra course modules (law, political science or sociology? You tell me?). Freshers week starts September 16th!

On another note as you may have seen last year around this time of year my brother attended his debs which is like an american prom but slightly more formal in that the girls usually wear long flowing dresses and the guys buy corsages. Well, this year it's finally my turn to take a whack at the debs and on Tuesday September 3rd I'll be getting all dolled up to dance the night away with my friends. Here are a few hints as to what I'll be wearing but don't worry I'll be posting up a few photos of the day.

Only about 9 more days to go! My friends have put in so much work and I know it'll be worth it.

Right so if you've lasted this long I'd like to first of all congratulate you for getting through all that and also I'd like to reassure you that I'll be back to the usual posts ASAP. Look out for a university haul coming soon.

Ciara xxx