London Adventures Part 4! City Fun and Kensington Palace

Monday, 12 August 2013

Hello lovelies!

I think it's time for another 'London Adventure' post don't you?

This post brings us to our last day in central London and a tour around the wonderful Kensington Palace. Now after a few long days in London Niamh and I were running out of touristy things to do but one thing on our to-do list was certainly a visit to the M&M World Store to stock up on chocolaty goodness.

Yes, it is a wall of M&M flags.

 I got a bit carried away at the wall of multi-coloured little beads of choco goodness. 

The next item to tick off on our list was a visit to Soho Square which was bustling with lunch time snackers taking up every inch of grass and bench available desperately trying to soak up some glorious sunshine. 

A very competitive ping pong game.

The next day we ventured into Kensington Gardens to pay a visit to the building where Queen Victoria grew up. 

Inside we got to have a poke around the nursery, dining halls and many rooms full of old timey furniture, I even got to hang out with Kate and Will ;)

But the best thing about the palace was the exhibition on the fashion of the royals, primarily Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret. All I have to say is I wouldn't mind being a royal, Dior and handmade couture makes me one happy girl!

And of course I was most excited by Princess Diana's closet which was all glamour and sequined beauty.

And that about sums up my adventures in London. My next post will be about the few days I spent at my aunt's lake house chilling out, swimming in lakes and kayaking. I had the most amazing time in London and would recommend it to anyone who loves holidays that are jam packed with fun and laughter.

On another note as I am writing this now it is just 2 mere days until I receive my Leaving Cert results which are given out on Wednesday the 14th and I'm not going to lie I'm a just a tad bit nervous! What I get in these exams will determine what college I go to and basically how my life will pan out for the next year, so fingers crossed I'll do well enough to be one happy lass on Wednesday! 

Thanks for reading,
Ciara xxx